Love & Respect…….

  It’s 6:30am and I find my colleague Manuel deeply engaged in reading this book, “Love & Respect”, interesting title, I thought. So this morning, I decided to use 10 minutes of my time to read some inspiration about the title. This is what grabbed my attention and I want to share it with you:… Continue reading Love & Respect…….


Flower Ghana, Grow Ghana

Congratulations to the Ghana Garden and Flower show on its 5th anniversary. On Friday, 16th June, 2017, Ghana experienced another spectacular media launch at the plush Labadi Beach Hotel. The 2017 show is themed, “Flower Ghana, Grow Ghana”. Flower enthusiasts should get ready for exciting activities lined up for the 5th Show starting from August… Continue reading Flower Ghana, Grow Ghana

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Afa’s motivation

Allow yourself to live life in a day Think about what you need today Purpose to bless the day with your own words; it’s for your own good beloved Be good to others, they deserve it Never let people’s actions control your day or spoil your mood Learn to control the day After all, God… Continue reading Afa’s motivation

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Dearest Sugar,

Dearest Sugar, I write to you to express my sincere thoughts about you and what you have done, what you’re doing and what you will do in future. When I told Kwame I was going to write to sugar, he was dumb founded. He was confused which sugar I was talking about. Yes! He didn’t… Continue reading Dearest Sugar,



With Hardley “Follow me” song, “Nothing lasts forever, All we’ve got is now and never”, got me thinking deep this dawn. It is true, that nothing really lasts, and so we must enjoy every moments we have. As the saying goes, “enjoy the moment; for a time will come you would wish you could go back in time.”