With Hardwell’s “Follow me” song; “Nothing lasts forever, All we’ve got is now and never”, put me in deep thoughts this dawn… It is true, that nothing really lasts forever, so we must enjoy every moment we have. As the saying goes, “Enjoy the moment; for a time will come when you would wish you could go back in time.”

I checked the time and it was 2:28am, Thursday, a day to “Good Friday”, when Christians all over the world celebrates the death and resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ.  All of a sudden Easter memories from my childhood rushed into mind.

As a child, it was not in my place to decide how I spent the holidays; it was always sorted by Momma and Papa. I am from Kwahu, so you should by now know that Easter is the heartbeat of Kwahu. Being a daughter of Kwahu where both parents originated, Papa is from Obomeng and Mama is from Atibie.  There was no way my seven siblings and I would stay in Accra for Easter.

My parents, Nana Mireku and Abena Oforiwaa, during this period would crowd us children in an old family car and drive us to Kwahu. A week to Thursday before Good Friday, Mama will strictly, check our belongings to make sure they are all washed, ironed and ready for the trip. Her strictness could not be compared to Auntie Maggie, my mother’s younger sister who stayed with us. She will make available the head of plantain and grinded charcoal which will be our teeth whitener till we leave for Kwahu. It didn’t make sense to us at that time, but growing up I got the understating that because many people would be visiting and looking forward to meeting with us children, our teeth had be sparkling white just for the smiles and greetings.  Lol!

We normally left Accra on Thursdays. So we named it the “Kwahu Family Thursday Trips”. On our way, Papa will only play Tagoe Sisters’ songs in the car. It was the signature tracks for all our Kwahu trips and it will definitely be on re-play till we arrive at Mpraeso where our family house was located.

Being a child, one of the most interesting things my siblings and I looked forward to was the drive through the hilly mountains. And if any of us missed it, because we fell asleep, we would be angry with no one but ourselves for not being awake.

The Kwahu town is known to be a climatically chilly place; I guess that’s why it got the name “Small London”. So we usually go along with pullovers to keep us warm. The town is usually serene, even when natives are in the town for the holidays you will feel the liveliness of the place but it still won’t be that busy. It’s was a time for the Kwahus to meet their families and spend some quality time before they head back to Accra and other places.

Fast forward into the future. Here I am; matured and making decisions. Now going to Kwahu is my decision and a hurt to my pocket.    While in bed, I debated with myself to go or not to go to “Kwahu ooo Kwahu” as popularly announced on the airwaves

The truth is I would have loved to be there to meet family and friends; but that’s the thing about growing up, the pressures of life and the daily grind does not give me the chance anymore. The thought of going to Kwahu is only accompanied by the pile of work that will await me when I return. This was never the case when I was younger.

I also don’t think I can enjoy the quiet anymore. Over the past couple of years, I have seen on TV and heard how people all over the country make their way to Kwahu. They flood the innocent Kwahu town with their wild parties, noise, loud music and carnival all day long on most of the streets until it finally subdues on Easter Monday.

It’s has been four rock-hard years and I have not seen my Kwahu, my beloved town. It is pretty hard for a daughter of Kwahu. I really yearn to see you again, Kwahu, and when I do I will have to find a way of making you quiet like you used to be back in the days.


4 thoughts on “A DAUGHTER OF KWAHU

  1. Great post. I can sense ur nostalgia for kwahu oooo kwahu and ur disappointment in how it’s been turned into a jungle by party freaks during Easter. Its actually sad dat such a good Initiative by government has been turned to a circus were illicit acts are conducted. Kudos to a beautiful write up. I look forward to more of them



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