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Dearest Sugar,

Dearest Sugar,

I write to you to express my sincere thoughts about you and what you have done, what you’re doing and what you will do in future.

When I told Kwame I was going to write to sugar, he was dumb founded. He was confused which sugar I was talking about. Yes! He didn’t seem to get it until I pointed at you. Yes! You in the bottle nicely labeled “Sugar”.  It was then he said, Ama, are you okay? I said yes I am okay; I just need to write to you.

These few words are for you and I hope you accept it without any grudge…….

Hmm Sugar, I have loved you since I was young. I cannot remember the age, but I know I have loved you since. Without you my mornings were dull. I needed you to make me feel better, so anytime mummy served me breakfast, I would steal another portion of you to be added to my tea or rice water.

Every afternoon, I was never myself without you. I saved a pesewa of my pocket money every day to be with you. I would run out of class at break-time just so I could find you in “ice cream or candy”. That was my only way to enjoy you.

Until now, I have tried so much to stay away from you but you are glued to me. I really want to leave you alone, but I can’t. Can you leave me alone?  I see you everywhere, almost every food I love, and in as much as I want to separate this love which has brewed ever since I was born, I see you from home right to my desk at work. As I write to you now, you are looking at me and I spy at you, I’m almost tempted to taste and enjoy you.

I give myself credit today, at least it’s 10:23am as I write and I have not tasted you today. Applause for me I guess.

Your name is sweet but you are bitter in the long run. How then do I feel better, when I only can when I taste you? I recognize that I started this affair; I take all the blame but you can help me stop this addiction as I am lost without you. I promise I will not tell the world the danger you cause, at least they will not hear it from my lips. The only way they can is by visiting me here again.

You are sweet, yes, but bitter.

This addiction must stop!

I promise to write to you again to tell you how I’m doing without you. So the least you can do for me, is to let me go and do good all by myself. And if it doesn’t work, I will try again, till I am finally good.

I can only do this if you go according to my simple request of break-up. Until then, leave me alone, SUGAR. Let me be bound by my words.

Separate this love quick!


Linda Mireku


Cc: All other sugar lovers





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